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Electrical Safety Training System

Non-Electrical Worker
(N-EW) Course

Awareness level course for all Non-Electrical Workers providing a basic level understanding of workplace electrical safety.

Electrical Worker
(EW) Course

Qualification level course for Electrical Workers covering applicable industry accepted best practice consensus based Standards.


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Staff Training

Corporate Training Account

Corporate Accounts provide access to a number of useful tools used for managing the training of your staff in a simple, starightforward manner. These accounts are free to create and require no ongoing fees. Training history stored within your corporate account is never deleted. Some of the useful features of your account include:

  • Bulk purchase discounts
  • User progress reports (completion dates, exam progress, student performance, certification expiry)
  • Automated user completion emails
  • Staff certificate access (PDF re-prints on demand at no cost)
  • Out of compliance reporting
  • Staff account information management (change employee information as needed)
  • Course distribution tools